We created The Sock & Jock to be different from other companies.

What do VIP members receive?

We like to reward our loyal customers by giving them priority orders over non-VIP customers and also mega discounts on store purchases. How we do this is when we are releasing a new design, weather that be a gym set, shorts or something else, we will email the VIP customers with exclusive offers that no one else can get. These offers and discount codes will also apply on our partner subscription companies including Gym Bunnies Gym Wear.

How do I become a VIP member?

We’ve made this step easy for everyone. To become a VIP member all you need to do is subscribe to any subscription either on here, Gym Bunnies Gym Wear, or our partner, The Sock And Jock Box. You will then not only receive fantastic discounts up to 80% off the 12-month subscription when signing up, you will also get all the benefits of a VIP member.

How can I help?

We also value our customers comments and would encourage anyone to let us know of anything they would like to see on Gym Bunnies Gym Wear. On top of this we are also seeking different ways to give back to the community, please see our Social Mission page under About Us in the header above this text for further information.

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