We created The Sock & Jock to be different from other companies.

Our Giving Goal

We give Socks And Underwear to charity’s in the UK that look after homeless people. Our goal is to help as many homeless people all across the UK as possible. Last year, we sent out over 1000 matching socks and jocks to charitable organisations that share our ambition to bring warmth and happiness to everyone. We do this because, actually, it’s nothing short of an epidemic: 4,677 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night, and since 2010 rough sleeping estimates show an increase of 165%. Each of our partners serves the vulnerable populations of homeless people by giving out donations in all weather and all times of the year, yes, even Christmas Day! Here’s a closer look at why we picked them, what they do, and what specifically your donations are being used for.

When the campaign started

Dry clean clothes should be easily accessible, not a privilege. We started this campaign to do just that. We’ve partnered with different groups, volunteers and charity’s all across the UK to help as many homeless people as possible. We started this program in early November 2019 and ran it over Christmas so people could stay warm at Christmas time. We have decided to bring this back full time now as we have seen the benefits of what our program and your charity has done. This year we aim to will 1000s of homeless people with your help. We encourage you to email in any places in the UK that need our support and we will happily donate to those areas.

Bigger and better

We would encourage any of our customers to post images, videos or write about us in blogs to drive this goal forward and try to make every homeless person in the country have fresh socks and underwear. The socks and underwear that we donate on your behalf will also help homeless woman as well. Although we do not provide a woman’s subscription we do donate the socks and underwear to woman and they are extremely happy to wear them.

Homelessness effects people from all different backgrounds. So far we have helped people with learning disabilities, vulnerable young people, family’s and army veterans to name just a few.

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