We created The Sock & Jock to be different from other companies.

Mens underwear subscription

About the sock and jock co.

The Sock & Jock Co. offers our customers cost effective surprise matching socks and underwear subscriptions, and deliver them direct to your door. Our unique men’s matching socks and underwear subscription as well as our sock subscription add a touch of wit and charisma to your every look; whether it is daily suiting, special occasions or smart casual.

The Sock and Jock Co. was founded in early 2019 by Simon and Joseph. Two best friends from the UK who wanted to combine their experienced business skills and work together on something new and exciting. Coming up with the idea of a mens subscription that has surprise underwear with matching socks seemed to click. The name “The Sock and Jock Box”, although explains exactly what the business is, holds a little piece of the two best friends with the “S” and “J”.

The Sock & Jock Co. is the UK’s first mens underwear subscription company which provide surprise fashion underwear with matching socks. We provide our customers with a surprise every month containing a new unique design of boxers and a pair of matching socks right to your door. The Sock & Jock Co. is a mens underwear subscription, perfect for gifts or if you want to treat yourself.

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